Tax & Accounting

At Gursey | Schneider LLP, tax services represent an entire range of specialties, because taxation and tax planning affect virtually every aspect of business and personal finance. In this realm, each of our tax professionals combines broad knowledge and experience with exceptional business sense.

Tax Compliance

Taxes are complex and multilayered; they require attention from experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are on the cutting edge of tax law matters. We focus on providing tax services to closely held companies, including corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, and to individuals, trusts and charitable organizations. We are proactive in our approach toward tax developments and strategies that may lead to tax deferrals and minimizing current and future tax obligations.

We prepare the entire spectrum of business tax returns from corporate, partnership and limited liability returns to local returns including payroll, sales tax, city business licenses and personal property forms. We are proficient in multi-state filing and can also assist you with international tax matters. We often prepare the income tax returns of a company, its owners and executives. Being the tax preparer for all involved is advantageous for information gathering for the individual returns and integration of tax planning.

In addition to the above, we are also expert preparers of fiduciary returns, private foundation returns, estate returns, (Form 706,) charitable remainder unitrusts, and returns for public charities.

Tax Planning

As tax professionals, we gather a great deal of knowledge about our clients, developing a comprehensive picture of their tax situation. We provide extensive, proactive, year-round tax planning allowing us to maximize efficiencies and minimize taxes.

We provide a wide range of tax services for individuals, businesses and fiduciaries, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Year-end tax planning
  • Multi-year tax projections
  • Entity formation planning
  • Living trust formation and planning
  • Pension plan consulting
  • Evaluating the impact of tax law changes
  • Minimizing the impact of the alternative minimum tax
  • Tax strategies related to your investment planning and capital gains
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Allocation of assets to trusts in an estate context
  • Retirement planning and distributions from qualified plans and IRAs
  • Family-owned or closely held business succession planning
  • Charitable giving planning
  • Education funding strategies
  • International tax issues
  • Tax aspects of marital dissolutions
  • Research and development tax credits
  • Tax credit planning
  • Selling and buying businesses
  • Selling and buying real estate
  • Deferral of tax under IRC Section 1031 exchanges of investment or business properties
  • Analysis of tax attributes and carryovers
  • Amended returns for tax refunds of loss carrybacks

Tax Representation

We have many years of experience representing individuals in audits and appeals to the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, local city and county governments. If necessary, we prepare private ruling requests to the Internal Revenue Service on imprecise issues and interact on your behalf in establishing installment payment arrangements, offers in compromise, and governmental tax levies and liens.

Business Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our experienced accountants provide a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses that do not require a full time accounting staff, cutting your employer costs of vacation pay, company benefits and payroll taxes.

We can perform the duties of an in-house accounting department including:

  • Preparing monthly financial statements and other accounting reports
  • Designing and implementing new accounting systems and software
  • Providing and reviewing payroll information to your payroll service which insures confidentiality of payroll information from your employees
  • Preparing your payroll tax and sales tax returns
  • Training your personnel on accounting software and bookkeeping and supporting and supervising your in house staff
  • Coordinating with your insurance advisors that your business liability and workers compensation insurance is appropriate for your business

Practice Areas

Estate and Trusts – We consult with your estate attorney and assist with the formation of trusts during your lifetime to help fulfill your goals for your family and charitable wishes. We also assist with allocation of assets to trusts, minimizing your estate with gifts during your lifetime and with any probate matters. In cases where there are estate controversies, we assist estate litigators in preparing documents and analysis for the litigation and we prepare court or trust accountings in the format required by the probate court.

Individual tax practice – We prepare returns for individuals with various tax issues including investment real estate; investments in partnerships; executive stock options, restrictive stock and other compensation matters; sole proprietorships; pension and investment income; and issues specific to those employed in the arts.

Real Estate Industry – From bookkeeping services to complex real estate analysis, we handle all facets of ownership of real estate properties. We can help in purchasing, selling and exchanging (IRC Section 1031) your properties. We can assist in finding a broker, lender, property manager, or a company to prepare a cost segregation analysis to allocate the purchase price or other basis of the real property. We handle all matters concerning real estate development.

Entertainment Companies – Our firm is located in Century City, in the heart the entertainment industry. Historically, we have represented the full gamut of entertainment companies including a major league baseball team, post production houses, record manufacturers, touring bands, radio stations, film and TV production companies. We advise these clients on credits and tax laws that apply to the entertainment field and assist with professional contacts within the industry.

Professional Service Firms – Medical practices, law firms and consulting companies are a few of the professional services firms we count as clients. Our vast experience as a professional service firm enables us to assist our clients with problem-solving, billing practices, accounting systems, time-keeping software and other issues particular to service industries.

High Technology Companies and Start-Ups – Many successful high tech companies started with an entrepreneur’s idea, were infused with business expertise and eventually, were brought to market. From that initial idea, we are able to advise you on all matters regarding entity formation, tax issues, research and development credits, as well as refer you to legal representation for registering trademarks, copyrights and patents. When it is time to sell your successful company, we can help you facilitate the sale.

High Net Worth / Family Business Services – We understand that high net worth individuals and family businesses are unique and have specific needs. We coordinate our services with investment advisors, insurance brokers, estate planning attorneys and private bankers. We are also knowledgeable about distinctive assets such as private jets and art collections. We work closely with you to help attain your financial business and personal goals.

Nonprofit Organizations and Charitable Trusts – We are able to address the wide range of issues affecting charitable and nonprofit foundations and organizations. We recognize the importance of tracking the most recent state and federal tax changes and the step up in compliance with Internal Revenue Code statutes and regulations. Our tax professionals prepare many of these returns each year and are experienced with their particular issues.

Bankruptcy – We have considerable experience in bankruptcy matters which includes insolvency and preference analysis, tax return preparation and expert witness testimony before the Federal Bankruptcy Court. The firm has performed bankruptcy work for approximately twenty years.

Other practice areas include manufacturing; all facets of the food industry including restaurants, grocery markets, food distributors, farms and ranches; children’s camps; moving businesses; storage facilities.