High Net Worth

Our goal is to provide you with recommendations and strategies to help you fulfill your financial obligations, handle your business affairs efficiently, and build your net worth.


We have many years of experience representing individuals in audits and appeals to the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, local city and county governments. If necessary, we prepare private ruling requests to the Internal Revenue Service on imprecise issues and interact on your behalf in establishing installment payment arrangements, offers in compromise, and governmental tax levies and liens.


ESTATES AND TRUST – We consult with your estate attorney and assist with the formation of trusts during your lifetime to help fulfill your goals for your family and charitable wishes. We also assist with allocation of assets to trusts, minimizing your estate with gifts during your lifetime and with any probate matters. In cases where there are estate controversies, we assist estate litigators in preparing documents and analysis for the litigation and we prepare court or trust accountings in the format required by the probate court.

INDIVIDUAL TAX PRACTICE – We prepare returns for individuals with various tax issues including investment real estate; investments in partnerships; executive stock options, restrictive stock and other compensation matters; sole proprietorships; pension and investment income; and issues specific to those employed in the arts.

REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY – From bookkeeping services to complex real estate analysis, we handle all facets of ownership of real estate properties. We can help in purchasing, selling and exchanging (IRC Section 1031) your properties. We can assist in finding a broker, lender, property manager, or a company to prepare a cost segregation analysis to allocate the purchase price or other basis of the real property. We handle all matters concerning real estate development.