Civil Litigation

Gursey | Schneider LLP has a long history and an outstanding reputation in the legal and business community for supporting your legal needs and assisting counsel. Not only do we have experts in this area, we have the ability to draw on other expertise in the firm for a variety of tax, accounting and other civil litigation issues.

Economic Damages/Damage & Lost Profit

Our in-depth business experience and analytical skills enable us to accurately quantify the dollar amounts involved in a wide range of business litigation concerning issues of breach of contract, lost sales and profit analysis, franchise termination, patent infringement and more.


We assist counsel in the preparation of document requests, processing produced documents and we assist counsel in depositions of experts and other parties. Our paperless case management software allows simultaneous access to our digital document files by our staff, our clients and counsel via a highly secure remote access portal.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our findings and conclusions frequently require oral testimony in deposition and trial at local, state and federal court levels. Our partners are well skilled and experienced in all areas and facets of business accounting and valuation. It is critical for your litigation support needs to have expert witnesses as qualified as the partners of Gursey | Schneider LLP providing testimony on your behalf.

Business Valuation

We frequently value professional and other business interests including intangible assets, public or private debt and equity securities and stock options. We translate the complex technical and legal aspects of business valuation and economic analysis into documentation that is understandable and defensible upon audit or in court. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our research and our ability to provide clients with a clear understanding of the theories and techniques we employ so that informed business and legal decisions can be made. Our valuations and other analyses are prepared for a variety of reasons, including mergers and acquisitions, estate and gift taxes, allocation of purchase price, support for ESOP purchases, litigation support and financing. Our staff includes personnel with advanced degrees in finance, accounting and economics, as well as with professional designations from the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) designated as Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV).

Insurance Claims

We have years of experience in the preparation of documentation for insurance claims, as well as the investigation and analysis of business losses resulting from property or inventory damage, or consequences of business interruption.

Court Accounting

Our extensive experience enables us to provide our clients with thorough and reliable accountings for court of specific business transactions, statements of financial conditions, results of operations and cash flow reports. Gursey | Schneider LLP also has significant experience providing court and trust accounting as mandated by the probate code.

Professional Malpractice

We have considerable experience serving as consultants and expert witnesses in a wide variety of accounting and tax malpractice matters.